Empowering communities through Integrated Homestead Farming (IHF).

Empowering communities through Integrated Homestead Farming (IHF).

In the village of Kampila, under Traditional Authority Ndamera in Nsanje district, CARD implemented transformative movement: Integrated Homestead Farming (IHF) which is a beacon of hope for families like that of Felix George Fombe, a 52-year-old husband to Ntchai Lolesi and father of five – a son and four daughters.

IHF is not merely about growing crops and rearing small stock; it's a holistic approach aimed at enhancing household food security and combating micronutrient deficiencies. With its focus on producing diverse and nutritious food while generating income, IHF has become a cornerstone of the Community Led Disaster Preparedness and Management through Scaling and Institutionalizing Local Led Approaches project.

Under the guidance of CARD, funded by Norwegian Church Aid-Danish Church Aid (NCA-DCA), lead farmers and farmer followers have been trained in IHF principles. As part of this initiative, 61 farmers, including Felix George Fombe, were equipped with knowledge and resources, receiving goats for breeding and diverse vegetables to enrich their kitchen backyard gardens.

For Felix, this project has been a lifeline. Formerly reliant on rain-fed crop production, he found himself grappling with challenges during prolonged dry spells. But through IHF, he is not only diversified his crops – growing everything from tomatoes and peppers to maize and cassava – but has also integrated livestock such as goats, ducks and chickens into his backyard ecosystem. This synergy not only enhances productivity but also ensures a sustainable livelihood for his family.

Beyond agricultural practices, the Fombe family has embraced environmental stewardship, utilizing energy-saving cook stoves to minimize their carbon footprint.

As Felix and countless others testify, IHF is not just about cultivating crops; it's about cultivating resilience, sustainability and hope. 

With each harvest and each new initiative, communities are forging a path towards a brighter, more nourished future for generations to come

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