Transforming lives: How CARD empowered Sarah Banda to thrive.

Transforming lives: How CARD empowered Sarah Banda to thrive.

"I am grateful to CARD," Sarah Banda beams with pride, "they taught me to practice mulching as one of the conservation agriculture technology accompanied  with planting with precision and now I have graduated from harvesting 8 bags to 20 bags on my half-acre farm. I can now support my 4 children!" Her smile radiates a sense of accomplishment that speaks volumes.

At 38 years old, Sarah narrates how CARD rescued her family from the clutches of hunger by providing essential resources and invaluable knowledge in farming. "From the provision of seeds and fertilizer (for making mbeya manure) to the invaluable farming insights," Sarah explains, "CARD truly bailed us out of hunger."

With a glimmer of hope in her eyes, Sarah shares the tangible fruits of her labor. "Last year, I made MK250, 000.00, from the maize sales that I made from my rain-fed harvest " she reveals " and with that, I bought a goat, provided clothing for my family and paid school fees for my children." Sarah's transformation is not just about economic prosperity; it's about rebuilding dreams and securing a brighter future for her loved ones.

With funding from Canadian Foodgrains Bank through Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D), CARD is implementing the Enhancing Climate Resilience for Improved Income and Food Security (ECRIF) project. Operating in Traditional Authority Nkaya, Sub Traditional Authority Phimbi and Mgomwa in Balaka, with a target of 1200 project participants this project is more than just a mission; it's a lifeline for communities striving for a better tomorrow.

The project aims to integrate various interventions to capitalize on synergies and maximize impact. Key strategies include promoting crop-livestock integration, soil-plant system management and crop-tree integration, emphasizing practices that have shown promise in enhancing crop productivity, such as cover cropping and effective mulching.

Addressing gender disparities is also a priority, with efforts focused on increasing women's access and control over productive resources.

Sarah's story is just one among many, a testament to the transformative power of collective effort and unwavering dedication. Through CARD and projects like ECRIF, hope blossoms, dreams materialize and communities flourish.

Together, we are not just sowing seeds; we are nurturing a future filled with promise and prosperity for generations to come.

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