The Girls Get Equal Project a beacon of Hope to the youth.

The Girls Get Equal Project a beacon of Hope to the youth.

In a nation where opportunities are scarce, particularly for girls in rural areas, a beacon of hope has emerged. The Girls Get Equal project, a collaborative effort between the Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD) and Plan International, with funding from Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation,  is lighting the path to empowerment in three districts across Malawi. This transformative initiative targets young men, women, and girls, igniting their potential through vocational training and economic activities that align with market demands.

Today, we shine a spotlight on the inspiring journey of Patrick Chapima, 23, and Margaret Mulamba, 24, both hailing from the heart of T/A Nkhulambe in Phalombe district. These two dynamic individuals embarked on their transformative journey with CARD in 2021. In just a year, their dedication bore fruit as they graduated and decided to combine their strengths, establishing a workshop specializing in welding and fabrication at the bustling Nkhulambe trading center in Phalombe district.


Within the walls of their workshop, Patrick and Margaret craft an array of valuable products, including door protectors, steel windows, door/window frames, bicycle carriers, and window protectors. This endeavor has yielded a commendable monthly income of MK130, 000.00, an extraordinary feat considering the rural setting. 
With smiles stretching wider across their faces, they joyfully express, "We are delighted that we can provide for our families without struggle, meeting our daily needs. After leaving school, we were anxious about how we would make ends meet, but we are incredibly grateful to CARD for providing us with this opportunity."

Earlier this year, Cyclone Freddy unleashed its fury upon Southern Malawi, leaving a trail of destruction in Phalombe district, including the devastation of the Nkhulambe Health Center. Reduced to ruins, the health center stood in dire need of reconstruction. It was then that Patrick and Margaret were entrusted with the monumental task of restoring this vital community resource. Crafting shelters, windows, and stands, their unshakable commitment shone brightly. In recognition of their efforts, they earned an impressive weekly income of MK85,000.00 for their invaluable contributions.

Patrick Chapima and Margaret Mulamba, who once faced educational barriers due to limited resources and personal circumstances, found a life-transforming opportunity through the Girls Get Equal Project. Their journey exemplifies the power of empowerment and the remarkable impact of initiatives that uplift vulnerable youth, ultimately transforming not only their lives but entire communities

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