Great Progress in Cyclone Freddy Relief Efforts: Executive Director Melton Luhanga Leads the Way.

In an inspiring display of commitment and progress, Our Executive Director Melton Luhanga spearheaded a monumental visit to Mulanje district, overseeing the remarkable strides in Cyclone Freddy relief efforts.

His hands-on involvement and oversight were crucial in ensuring the smooth execution of relief initiatives, encompassing various programs in partnership with CARD and other key collaborators.

During his visit on Tuesday, 9th January 2024, Luhanga witnessed the astounding dedication and unwavering efforts of communities under Traditional Authorities Njema and Sunganinzeru. Their relentless work in response to Cyclone Freddy's aftermath drew admiration during Luhanga's visit.

Malawi Government recognizes CARD for its exceptional response to Cyclone Freddy.

On 14th December, we proudly participated in the inaugural Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Day, hosted by the NGO Regulatory Authority (NGORA). The event was nothing short of inspiring as we seized the opportunity to connect and forge invaluable partnerships with fellow NGOs.

With zeal and dedication, we highlighted our steadfast commitment to aligning our efforts with Malawi 2063 and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs), emphasizing our dedication to a more sustainable and brighter future. The day unfolded under the theme of “A Strong and Vibrant NGO Sector towards Accelerated Implementation for SDGs and Malawi 2063.” It was a celebration of collective dedication and a rallying call for intensified action towards our shared aspirations.

The atmosphere brimmed with enthusiasm, collaboration and a shared vision for a better tomorrow. We are honored to have been a part of this historic day, energized by the prospects it holds for driving positive change in our communities and beyond.

It was a moment of pride to observe that CARD received commendation and acknowledgement as the “Best Cyclone Freddy Response 2023” by Government of Malawi during the Thursday night dinner for Non-Governmental Organizations, hosted by the State President of Republic of Malawi Dr. Lazarus Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace.

Climate Summit in Dubai Sees Groundbreaking Commitments to Combat Climate Change.

The COP 28 Climate Summit in Dubai has ignited global hope by unveiling groundbreaking commitments against climate change. 

The summit under the theme "Unite, Act and Deliver," CARD is represented by Executive Director-Melton Luhanga and Deputy Programs Manager-Lameck Nkhoma, with support from the Climate Justice Resilience Fund.

The summit commenced with a resounding inauguration on November 30th, 2023. Dr. Sultan Al Jaber's $100 million pledge, aimed at supporting vulnerable nations, inspired other developed countries to collectively commit billions to critical causes.

CARD Launches Innovative Syntropic Agroforestry Project in Mulanje, promising Improved Income and Soil Restoration for Smallholder Farmers.

In a proactive move aimed at strengthening household income and revitalizing agricultural sustainability, we have inaugurated an ambitious Syntropic Farming Trial Project in the picturesque Group Village Chimwala, nestled within the Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje.

The unveiling of this groundbreaking initiative witnessed Mphatso Kanyumbu, the Project Assistant in Mulanje, emphasizing the pivotal role of syntropic agroforestry in transforming the agricultural landscape. Kanyumbu outlined the project's core objectives, highlighting the cultivation of a diverse array of crops and trees in a symbiotic and mutually beneficial manner.

This innovative approach aims to fortify biodiversity while enhancing soil fertility, ultimately fostering a more resilient and productive agricultural ecosystem for smallholder farmers.

Markus Lemke, our Agro-ecology Advisor, emphasized the significance of this project, especially considering Mulanje's vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change. Lemke expressed confidence that empowering 771 farmers from Group Village Headman Chimwala in Traditional Authority Chikumbu, and Group Village Headman Kukada in Traditional Authority Mkanda in Mulanje to selectively choose trees and plants that mutually support each other will prove to be an effective strategy in addressing challenges caused by climate change. 

Mulanje Celebrates Generosity: Final Cash Distribution Amplifies Hope. 

Last Friday, Mulanje shone brighter as the final cash distribution unfolded for the Tropical Cyclone Freddy Malawi Response and Recovery project, backed by the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB) and the Presbyterian World Service & Development (PSW&D).

Amidst a warm atmosphere of togetherness, we had visitors from CFGB who graced the event at Thuchira EPA, adding significance to the day.

However, the most exciting moment was the unexpected bonus for the beneficiaries. Alongside the anticipated MK50, 700.00, each member received an extra MK21, 000.00, totaling an impressive MK71, 700.00 per beneficiary.

This delightful surplus originated from the MK75, 000.00 voucher set aside for agricultural inputs, promising even more substantial support.