Insect Farming Project: Unveiling the Future of Agriculture.

Insect Farming Project: Unveiling the Future of Agriculture.

This week, we unveiled our extraordinary Insect Farming project during a spectacular field day on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. This pioneering project, funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), is poised to revolutionize not only farming but also the entire landscape of development in Dzaleka.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the remarkable journey of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), which undergoes a fascinating transformation through four developmental stages: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. Harnessing the potential of these incredible insects, CARD's project seeks to empower both People of Concern (POC) and host communities in Dzaleka by leveraging the BSF's unique attributes.

The Black Soldier Fly's star quality comes from its impressive protein content, which soars to a remarkable 50% when it reaches maturity. This protein-rich powerhouse is a game-changer in the world of feed production. The BSF larvae can be utilized directly to nourish fish and chickens, or it can be processed into a high-protein powder. The processing involves a meticulous series of steps, including the humane termination of the larvae, solar drying, and milling, resulting in a versatile and nutritious protein powder.

During the field  day visit, Wiston Sataya, Deputy Director of Irrigation, hailed the Insect Farming project as a true game-changer for the nation's development. He called upon various organizations to join hands and champion this innovative endeavor, recognizing its immense potential to elevate the region's agricultural landscape.

Commissioner for Refugees, General Ignancio Maulana, expressed heartfelt appreciation for CARD's dedicated efforts in Dzaleka. He emphasized how the project is playing a pivotal role in empowering the people of Dzaleka, fostering self-reliance, and driving sustainable development in the region.

But that's not all; the project's benefits extend beyond protein production. As the BSF goes through its transformative stages, it yields valuable byproducts. Liquid fertilizer and bio-fractions are among the treasures harvested, offering a sustainable boost to agricultural productivity.


CARD's Insect Farming project is undoubtedly poised to leave an indelible mark on Dzaleka, offering not just nourishment for the present but also a sustainable pathway towards a brighter future. As the project gains momentum, it stands as a shining example of innovative solutions driving positive change in the country.

CARD's commitment to sustainable agriculture was on full display as they presented their cutting-edge irrigation systems. These systems are breathing new life into Dzaleka's arable lands, ensuring that crops receive the water they need to thrive, even in the face of challenging climatic conditions. The efficiency and impact of these systems are a testament to CARD's dedication to providing lasting solutions for food security.

In addition to the impressive strides in insect farming, CARD's livestock farming endeavors are a beacon of hope for Dzaleka. The project, currently in full swing, is empowering local communities with the knowledge and resources needed to raise healthy and productive livestock. This not only promises a sustainable source of income but also contributes significantly to the overall economic well-being of the region.

As Dzaleka embraces these interventions, the promise of a brighter future looms large on the horizon. CARD's holistic approach to development, encompassing agriculture, livestock, and more, underscores their unwavering commitment to uplifting the lives of the People of Concern (POC) and host communities alike.

The energy and enthusiasm at the showcase were palpable, reflecting the collective spirit of progress and resilience that defines Dzaleka. In the backdrop of these impressive projects, CARD continues to be a catalyst for positive change and a source of empowerment for all those it touches.

The field visit to Dzaleka was graced by a distinguished assembly of delegates, each playing a crucial role in the success of CARD and its transformative projects. Among these notable figures were:  Reverend Dr. Mwawi Chilongozi –CARD`s Vice Board Chair. Melton Luhanga- CARD`s Executive Director, Arthur Lichenya- CARD`s Programs Manager. And other stakeholders.

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