Great News from TA Njema, Malawi: Making a Difference in Cyclone Freddy Survivors' Lives!

Great News from TA Njema, Malawi: Making a Difference in Cyclone Freddy Survivors' Lives!

In a heartwarming update, we are thrilled to share the remarkable progress and positive impact we've achieved in assisting the survivors of Cyclone Freddy in T/A Njema, Malawi. 

With funding from Christian Aid-start fund, CARD has been tirelessly working on a project aimed at providing crucial support to affected households through shelter kits and agricultural inputs.

On Thursday, 14th September, 2023, CARD`s  Programs Manager, Arthur Lichenya, and Christian Aid country representative Luke Theu, paid a special visit to T/A Njema in Mulanje. Their purpose was to witness and celebrate the remarkable progress being achieved in helping the local households. These compassionate leaders came together with one strong message to uplift the spirits of the T/A Njema communities, assuring them of their steadfast support and unwavering commitment.

During the visit, we were deeply moved by the story of Ephraim Fabiano, a father of six from Ndunde village in Mulanje district. He shared with us the devastating impact Cyclone Freddy had on his life, as it left him and his family with nothing. Fabiano recounted how, on that fateful day, he and his family found themselves perched on an anthill for three days without access to food.

Furthermore, Cyclone Freddy had ravaged his farm, which was his source of sustenance. However, a beacon of hope emerged as CARD stepped in, providing them with 2kg of maize seeds and other essential agricultural inputs.

Today, Fabiano proudly tends to a thriving backyard garden where he has successfully cultivated tomatoes.
Overwhelmed with gratitude, Fabiano expressed his heartfelt appreciation, saying, "I would like to express my gratitude for giving us help in times of our need. We are even grateful for the training we were given in cultivating these products."


This heartwarming transformation in Fabiano's life is just one example of the positive impact that CARD and Christian Aid are making in the lives of Cyclone Freddy survivors in T/A Njema, Malawi. Together, they are not only providing immediate relief but also empowering communities for a brighter and more sustainable future. 

CARD has also stepped forward to provide shelter to households who were affected by Cyclone Freedy in T/A Njema.

This is indeed a testament to the power of compassion, dedication, and partnership in creating positive change.



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