Exciting Progress in Disaster Relief.

Exciting Progress in Disaster Relief.

In a gesture of unified disaster response coordination, CARD, in collaboration with the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and the Chikwawa District Council, conducted a collaborative monitoring visit last Thursday in the districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje. These regions hold paramount significance in our mission, as they are the focal points of our dedicated efforts in implementing the Malawi Early Risk Reduction Recovery and Resilience Project. This vital initiative is made possible through generous funding from USAID, facilitated by CRS.

We're overjoyed by the strides we've made so far in providing transitional shelters to vulnerable households affected by the harsh aftermath of Cyclone Ana. Witnessing this progress is both heartwarming and encouraging, as we see firsthand the positive impact on the lives of those who have endured adversity.

But our mission goes beyond shelter provision; we are on a journey to empower local communities. 
Our project aims to bolster the capacity of shelter market actors, equipping them with disaster risk reduction construction techniques and affordable, durable construction materials.


Incredible milestones have already been achieved: 170 traditional shelters have been completed in Chikwawa and Nsanje, with the promise of many more to come. We're committed to constructing a grand total of 920 traditional houses in Chikwawa, 870 in Chikwawa's traditional shelters, and 50 in Nsanje.

Moreover, we've invested in the youth, offering training in brick molding and molding techniques.
We've also partnered with local artisans, equipping them with the skills needed to construct resilient shelters.
Together, hand in hand, we are working relentlessly to build communities that stand strong in the face of adversity. These achievements are a testament to the power of collaboration and the unwavering determination of our teams on the ground.

Join us on this inspiring journey for more updates:
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Together, we are making a difference, one resilient community at a time. 


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