All We Can Partners that went through the PVCA training in a group photo with James Kalikwembe (far right) and Peter Blanch (9th from right) from All We Can

Assessment Aims to Improve Adaptive Capacities and Lessen Vulnerability to Hazards. Location: Nsanje, Group Village Headman Chithumba, Traditional Authority Mbenje, Malawi.

In a proactive effort to evaluate the community's susceptibility to diverse hazards and formulate strategies to enhance their adaptability, a collaborative effort between All We Can-YCARE and CARD led to the execution of a Participatory Vulnerability Capacity Assessment (PVCA) in Nsanje Group Village Headman (GVH) Chithumba, under Traditional Authority Mbenje, from September 19th to 22nd, 2023.

The community of GVH Chithumba was severely affected by Cyclone FREDDY, which resulted in the loss of 70% of their irrigation scheme due to flooding from the Thangadzi River. The disaster caused damage to pipes, taps, crops, and other essential irrigation tools and equipment. Recognizing the urgent need for support and planning, the PVCA exercise was conducted to address these critical issues.


Therefore a series of activities are scheduled to be launched. These activities will encompass the active participation of all key stakeholders, including community members, governmental bodies, and CARD. These initiatives are slated to kick off this month and are distinctly designed to fortify the community's adaptive capabilities while concurrently mitigating their susceptibility to an array of potential hazards.

Through the PVCA process, several key priority hazards were identified, with dry spells, floods, strong winds associated with cyclones, pests (such as fall armyworms and grasshoppers), drought, and cholera ranking highest among them. The forthcoming plan will address these hazards strategically, with a focus on minimizing their impact on the GVH Chithumba community.

All We Can (AWC) has been actively supporting its partners in Malawi, fostering inclusivity and community involvement in project design and implementation. In preparation for the community-level PVCA, AWC provided training in PVCA to its four Malawi partners, which include Eagles Relief and Development, Foundation for Active Civic Education (FACE), and Action for Adolescent Girls (AGLIT+).

The CARD and All We Can-YCARE PVCA initiative in GVH Chithumba represents a crucial step towards improving disaster resilience and enhancing the well-being of the affected community. It underscores the significance of collaborative efforts and community engagement in addressing the impacts of natural disasters.

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